Whole30 Challenge - Day 13


13 days without a Starbuck's latte and I can't believe I've made it this long!  I can't say I haven't thought about the creamy goodness that is the Starbuck's latte the last couple days.

Today was better.  I had the luxury of sleeping in a bit and spent the day relaxing - it was pretty great.  We picked up some sample paints for repainting, which I'm super excited about!

I am experiencing some brain fog today.  I can't think of the correct word at certain times and have a hard time explaining things.

Today's Spirit:  Better; still tired with a little brain fog mixed in

Today's Food:  Great!

Meal 1:
  • 2 eggs, scrambled with salt & pepper (cooked with a spray of evoo)
  • pink lady apple
  • almond butter (2 TBSP)
  • coffee, black
  • water

Meal 2:
  • chipotle carnitas salad (with medium salsa & guacamole, no beans, no rice, no cheese, no dressing)
  • water

Meal 3:
  • grilled hamburger (salt & pepper)
  • portabello mushroom & green leaf lettuce
  • mushroom & onion (sautéed in ghee)
  • roasted carrots (evoo & pepper)
  • plantains strings (sauteed in ghee)

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