Whole30 Challenge - Day 6


Day 6 is here and almost done with!  Today was a much better day for me and I'm sure much easier on Matt.  :)

Today I spent most of the day doing some food prep for the upcoming week.  I was busy pretty much all day which made it fly by.  Here's hoping the next 24 days go this fast.

Day 6 Spirits:  Determined and optimistic

Day 6 Foods:  Good!  We had our first meal not prepared by me that was Whole30 compliant and I was craving roasted broccoli for dinner.  That's a win!

 Meal 1:

 Meal 2:
  • chipotle carnitas salad (with medium salsa and guacamole - no beans, no rice, no cheese, & no salad dressing) 
  • 1/2 banana, not pictured
  • water

Meal 3:
  • chicken salad lettuce wraps (chicken breast, granny smith apples, celery, onion, salt, pepper, celery salt, & homemade mayo)
  • roasted broccoli (EVOO, salt, & pepper)
  • roasted sweet potato leftovers (EVOO, salt, & pepper)
  • water

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  1. Unknown says:

    You are doing great Nic! Keep up the good work!

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