Whole30 Challenge - Day 7


We made it through the first week of Whole30!!  Today was pretty tough sticking to the whole30 plan, we celebrated Matt's Grandmother's 80th birthday with the whole family.  We partied at a restaurant where there was a brunch buffet and cake.

Happy 80th Birthday, Donna!

I think Matt and I did a great job navigating through the food situation.  While our options were limited, we planned they would be and had a small breakfast before hand.  We passed on the yummy smelling cake, which to be honest, was pretty hard for me to do.

Day 7 Spirits:  Tired, tired, tired...

Day 7 Food:  Tried plantains for the first time ever and they were so good!

**Looking back on today's food it's a bit obvious I didn't get enough protein, which probably contributed to my tiredness.**

 Meal 1:  Pre-brunch

Meal 2:

  • 2 sausages
  • pineapple
  • cantaloup
  • mixed veggies 

Meal 3:

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