Whole30 Week 1 Thoughts


We made it through the first week!  This week has been an adventure in recipe finding, label reading, mayo making, dish washing, & even more dish washing!

Here are some of my thoughts about the first week.

  • I was surprised that the detox wasn't worse.  
    • I never had a headache bad enough to take ibuprofen.  
    • I have been pretty tired this first week, but nothing that has stopped me from my normal routine. 
  • I think the hardest part is finding things to eat.  There are a ton of recipes online and I've tried a few new ones this week that were very good.   I need to find a better balance of coming up with my own meals vs trying something new so not everyday is a new recipe.  
  • I've been to the grocery store every single day this week. 
  • I feel like I've spent a lot more money this week on groceries.  
  • This may sound silly, but I've been dreaming more.  I rarely would dream before I started whole30, but this last week I've dreamt 5 times!  
  • I need to invest in a better hand lotion.  My fingers are getting dried out from all the above mentioned dish washing. 
All in all, this was a good week.  I do need to reign in the budget next week.  At this point I will continue onward to week 2 with no hesitation. 

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