Whole30 Week 2 Thoughts


Week 2 in the books!!!  Or should I say on the interwebs?  I'm starting to adjust to the extra dishes so that didn't bother me as much this week.  

Here are some of my thoughts about the second week.
  • For most of the week I had more energy, but the energy was zapped toward the middle/end of the week.  I think I have figured out why my energy levels weren't great...I was slacking on water those days.  I made sure to drink, drink, drink, drink, drink water today and my energy levels have gone up.  
  • I'm finding myself not missing an evening snack every night.  I still think about a snack or dessert every night, but I'm not devastated about it.  I think my brain is realizing that there will be no more food after dinner.  Yay! 
  • I did totally want to give up on day 11.  All I wanted was big plate of cheesy nachos, with a big margarita, and a giant chocolate chip cookie with ice cream for dessert.  Like, for real...I was so close to giving up.  It passed, but did make me super grumpy.    
  • I'm still feeling like I sleep great, but I think I could sleep longer. 
  • Confession:  There was yeast extract in both the beef broth and fire roasted tomatoes I used for the chocolate chili.  I've read you should stay away from that during the Whole30 due to possible MSG that might be in there.  I just couldn't find those two items without it.  I'm pretty sure I don't have a bad reaction to MSG, so I'm okay with this. 
Looking back on the week, it was a good one.  I think I simplified dinners and lunches while keeping the budget in check.  I am cooking a few new recipes next week so I need to make sure the budget doesn't go out the window.  

I'm ready for week 3!!  Bring it!

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2 Responses to “Whole30 Week 2 Thoughts”

  1. Unknown says:

    You are so close to the end! So proud of you! Keep up the good work!

  2. Nic says:

    Thanks! It's getting easier! Hopefully next weeks menu planning goes as smoothly as this weeks did. :)

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