Whole30 Challenge - Day 27


Did anyone see the Northern Lights last night?!  Matt and I were on a mission to see them, but they were too elusive for us.  We drove 45-50 minutes northwest of Grimes on gravel roads - boy that was an adventure in itself!

Today Matt tackled the task of painting our living room, while I did the food prep for the upcoming week.  The living room has been the same color for 9 years, so it's definitely time for an update.  The color we chose is nice and fresh which means the kitchen color needs to be refreshed soon so that the colors flow nicely.  I'll post some before/after pictures as soon as we get the living room back together - Matt rocked it and did an awesome job!!

Today's Spirit:  Tired - I'm wondering where all my energy went

Today's Food:  Good, except I forgot to spray the muffin pan for the bacon & egg cups.  Egg is impossible to clean!  The pan is going through a second deep soaking.

 Meal 1:
  • bacon & egg cups
  • raspberries
  • water
  • coffee, black (not shown because it was in my belly!)

 Meal 2:
  • organic, all-beef hotdog
  • roasted carrots (evoo, salt, pepper)
  • water

Meal 3:

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