Whole30 Week 4 Thoughts


We're happy to have completed week 4!
 Please ignore the bad lighting.  :)
Week 4 is complete and there are only 2 days left of the challenge!  I feel like the last week went fast and was pretty easy.  Is it okay to say that?  :)  I think a major reason I feel like it was easier was because I meal prepped last Sunday.

  • Meal prep day was crucial to making weeknight dinners seem easier and helped with clean-up. This will be added to my weekly routine.  
  • Meal planning started to get harder this week.  I'm not exactly sure why - I have a ton of recipes pinned on pinterest and have the whole internet at my disposal so I'm not sure what my problem was.  
  • I'm getting accustumed to the extra time spent shopping.
  • I feel a bit 'backed-up' this week.  Hoping some Natural Calm will help that. :)
  • Found out that coconut water is pretty good.  I've tried it pre-whole30 and thought it was awful, but now that my tastebuds have reset from the sugar overload it's not so bad.  It's amazing how sensitive your tastebuds become to sweetness once you aren't overloading them. 

This was another good week.  Here is to 2 more days and then a 90-10 rule with whole30 eating going forward!! 

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  1. Unknown says:

    You both did so good, you can tell you have lost weight in your faces. Way to go! Proud of both of you.

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